My eyes! The goggles do nothing! brain is full of sciency wiency stuff.
I just helped tutor the grade 11 japanese student staying with my brother. I had to relearn a bunch of biology I haven't looked at in ages: parts of the cell, all about bacteria and wading through the latin gobbledegook that is taxonomy...and apparently, there are now 6 Kingdoms in taxonomy instead of 5. Sheesh! I am constantly amused at the need for scientists need to describe and classify. They divided a kingdom into 2 just to be more anally descriptive and divisive...rather arbitrarily if'n you ask me...but then I still think Pluto should be a planet, so what do I know? :)

Yesterday was bliss. Maxing and chillaxing and relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball outside of the school...and all that. I relaxed...I made a fiery hot breakfast of taters and sausages with some chipotle peppers in them (they cooked up hotter than I thought) and finally finished The Time Traveller's Wife. I highly recommend it. AND we got tickets for last night to see the local production of Waiting for Godot. It is a somewhat experimental and obscure play. It's a play by Samuel Becket I've always been curious to see but never figured it would make it to way out here... It's just collections of dialog between 4 bizarre people as they wait for someone. Not so much plot as exposition and absurdity...Not for everyone but *I* liked it.

And, my trusty new appliances came. They look very cool. I gave them all hugs of welcome.
I have thoroughly relaxed and today made up some muffins and pumpkin cookies, and even tried my hand at celiac baking. My sis-in-law was recently diagnosed since I was going over there today to tutor Kyoka, I thought I'd bring her bakey munchables. It's so unfair that I bring over other stuff and she can never eat them. I even put peaches in them (which my brother hates) so they are all for her. Score.

Anyhoo...time to get back to the pledge drive mines. I just ahve to keep reminding myself it is for a good cause and I think I am ready to get back to it for a little while longer. It's all over friday, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...faintly.



the Bag Lady said…
Good for you for helping to tutor the young'un!
And for working the pledge drive.
Six kingdoms? I thought it was just plants, animals, and fungi. What hole have I been living in?

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