New flavours

Smoked paprika is my new friend.
I've been introduced to it by Magnus, and now I'm hooked.
It's like when I first tried chipotle peppers...a flavour explosion. I cannot get enough of the slightly smokey slightly hot flavour. My Mum was a lady of few spices (and a lot of salt. She bakes like a queen, but doesn't like spices inless they have salt in their name...and god forbid you put pepper in), and I think her paprika must have been 30 years old, as it had no flavour when she used it on deviled eggs and such - I honestly thought it was for colour, not flavour. A while back I bought regular paprika to make J egg salad at his request and was surprised that it actually had a taste and thought "hmmm...not bad" but ended up adding some curry to fill out the flavour (curried egg salad is deadly good BTW). Then I was introdiced to a new animal - smoked paprika. Magnus made some el salvadorian coleslaw with it a while ago and I was impressed. Then last night he made a kickass chork* , rice, broccoli and jalapeno stirfry with it in.

And I want more.....MORE!

How can you tell I'm hungry and it's not break time yet. :)

*pork and chicken cubed up together

Heh...on a slightly different topic, did you know that if you boil eggs dry when trying to hard boil them to make egg salad they will actually pop open with a bang in the blackened empty pan and make a big mess?? Yup, asploding eggs...I um, know someone who has a friend who did this.


Food on the brain....


Anonymous said…
Here's a recipe. :-)
I've never tried it... just found it when I looked up 'smoked paprika'.
Anonymous said…
oooh, now you can make funky goulashes and soups! Yummy..I bet they'd go great with beer!

What time should I be by?
Magnus said…
Just wait until I make the Spanish/Moroccan cabbage roles!
the Bag Lady said…
Spanish/Moroccan cabbage rolls? What shall I bring?

Oh, and Geosomin, if you want some home-grown habanero (or any other) peppers, I think I might have some extras, in a little while - they are still in the bloom stage....drop me a note at the email address in my sidebar - yes, I'm serious.
Pacian said…
Now just add mustard.

Honest. <_<
Anonymous said…
Hope you're having fun!

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