See you on the flipside

This weekend my friend Theo got married.
Theo is a great guy, and he finally met a fantastic woman who makes him want to be a better man. They were married on a very low key, wonderful sunny Saturday. They wrote their own vows, in which they promised to love each other extravagantly...:) It was a great day. Made me feel all lovey and happy. I also got my hair cut and dyed by my friend I feel rather fine if'n I do say so myself - funky bob with dark brown hair and purply red highlighted chinks here and there...just waht I'd had in mind for a while. Plus, my beer is damn fine. I have pics and will pst soon...I just didn't feel at all like it yesterday-on the flipside, yesterday I was real reason I could pinpoint, just grumpy and mumbly...trying to get things done about the house.

Truth be told, I think the lack of normal house is starting to drive me around the bend, and although I'd really hoped to get it all back together this weekend, I only got as far as removing all the painter's tape and touching up the bit where the tape did not work (which was probably half the damn trim...*sigh*). It's only a few days until we go camping and I'm starting to feel like life is getting away from me...too much to do. The yard is in shambles and I have so much to catch up on before we go... I'd like a minute or 2 to just relax and veg out for an evening instead of hurry hurry hurry to get things done. I'll have to do that when we're camping I guess...

Oh well...nothing for it. I should get to work so I can go home...and do more work...*sigh*
Hope your day is good. Don't listen to me - I'll snap out of it I'm sure.


the Bag Lady said…
Everyone has days that like, and I'm sure you will snap out of it!
Glad to hear the beer worked out well....
Where are you going camping? Does it involve tenting, or what?

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