Sweet sweet jedi love, some fish and a whole lotta psytrance going on

My cat's lurid affair with a certain well known jedi master is continuing. They're brazen I tell you - they don't care who sees them snuggling up in the lounger chair - It's right by the front window and everything. I've had a chat with him about it, but he just bonked me on the head and went right back into the arms of his jedi love...what can you do? Jedi's have it going on...

It's been a busy time here at Casa del Geo. First a wonderful time away at Motion Notion. Other than a bit of rain the first night the weather was great - not too hot. And there was an incredible amount of psytrance music playing, along with visiting a bunch of friends I haven't seen since last year. 3 stages of great music, and great people. There was even a stage on the beach this year playing loungy funky music for us as we lounged in the sun and swam in the river. I invested in a water ring with a backrest and I must say - *that* is life! The cursed vegan food vendors put a bit of a damper on my final night there (gave me a touch of the my-supper-not-liking-where-I-put-it-itis) but luckily I felt better as the evening went on and the main stage had hammocks built into it, so I could lounge and nurse my tummy in comfort while swinging back and forth to the music. The bear head came out to play once again, and I had a very relaxing wonderful time...we came back with a few days off to get organised and lounge around before going back to work. I will post some photos in a day or so, when I'm home for more than a few minutes :)

This past weekend we were up visiting my parents at the lake. I don't get to see them often enough it seems, so we figured we'd better head up and see them for the weekend since we had a free weekend. Saturday was lovely - sunny and hot. Usually the weather is sucky at best when we go up so we took advantage of it and went fishing on Cub lake with my Dad and my uncle. Cub lake is great, as you have to take an old logging road in and then ride about 10 minutes in on a quad trail with your little motor, jackets and fish tackle bungeed to the quad to get to the lake itself. My Dad keeps an old metal punt boat in there at the lake, so we rode in and spent the afternoon casting for lake trout in the sun, sipping rum and coke, with the smell of my Uncle's cigars floating in the air. There were loons doing a crazy "Don't come near me - look at how big and menacing I am! Stay back!" dance...and there was a beaver by a dam...and we caught 14 fish. Yum. I caught 5 myself - and one of them was huge! I've taken a bunch home...I can't wait to bake them up with some lemon and dill. Yum.
We also got to swim in the lake and have a great barbecue out on the deck for supper, along with some dominoes later in the night. J's Mum sent up a saskatoon pie, so we had that, and some of my beer and some tasty pork chops and potatoes for supper. Because I'm dumb sometimes (oops) I forgot one of my medications, so we had to head back early sunday, but it was a nice short visit, and I spent the afternoon on sunday catching up on some reading, some chores and making rhubarb crumble.

So yeah....I've been busy, but I'm happy. I have a crapload of work to do this week as I'm taking off the first 2 weeks of August to go to Shambhala, and this week is the Fringe Theatre festival, which J is covering (so we get to see lots of shows for free - mee hee!) so it just won't slow down til mid august...so if I"m not posting much, it's not that I don't luvs you all. I'm just busy with life and having too great a time to do anything other than sleep when I get an odd minute free.

Hope you've all been having a great summer so far.
Have a great day!


the Bag Lady said…
Well, sounds like you are having a wonderful summer! *the Bag Lady turns green with envy and wanders away, mumbling curses under her breath*
Seriously, carry on, and blog about when you have time! I'd love to see some photos of all the fun (the Bag Lady is NOT having) times!

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