Perogy Party

So it's the night before I head off for 10 days to dance in the woods...
I'm baking up a storm and making sure our gear is all here. 

I'm also making the best damn perogies I've ever eaten.
My buddy Magnus has had it in his head for a while to make some gourmet perogies...he wanted to use ground steak, basil and drunken goat chees, and make another with marscapone and a few other cheeses and roasted garlic. Not to be left out I wondered what capicolla mixed with potato, onion, cheddar and roast garlic would taste like.
Today, instead of packing for my holidays, we finally got round to making them.

In the words of Homer: "heaghhhhhhhhh!"

They were delectable. The ones with steak in really were the best of the 3, but they were all delicious. I found a recipe in the interweb for someone's grandma's polish perogy dough recipe and we used that.

Perogy dough:
4 1/2 c flour
2 t salt
2 T melted butter
2 c fat free sour cream
2 eggs
1 egg yolk
2 t oil

You mix the dough together well and then let it sit covered for 20 minutes. Then you roll it out as thin as  you can on a floured surface, a minimum of  1/8 inch thick. Use a glass to cut out the circles and put about 1 t of whatever filling you like in them and wet them a bit and pinch hem shut, setting them on a floured surface. Apparently you can then freeze them, but we just cooked them all...and then ate them. Considering that it made nearly 5 dozen perogies that officially makes us gluttons I believe. We made the fillings before hand - all the meat was cooked and all the spices and things all mixed together and ready to go.
To cook the perogies you just boil water and drop them in in small groups, about a dozen at a time and cook until they've floated to the top and stayed there about 1 minute more.

I don't usually freak out too much over perogies... But I have to say, these were the best perogies I have ever had. It was a few hours of work, but so very worth it.

And of course...I forgot to take pictures...sorry.

Now I just have to bake bout 5 dozen cookies and I can go to bed :)
If I forget to pop by again, have a great week.
I'm off to monkey dance in the mountains...


the Bag Lady said…
Your perogies sound fabulous!

Have a great holiday - take pictures!!! (sheesh!)
Magnus said…
Our vareniki kicks ass!!!
Pacian said…
You're always dancing among the trees. I hope the trees know how lucky they are.

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