Skanks anonymous

Lately I keep seeing more and more of this, but this morning I've seen things that have made me decide that the summer trend for Saskatoon college women is...well...the "just rolled out of bed whore" look. Is this happening in your neck of the woods too?
Usually I see the odd thing that raises an eyebrow here at work...I'm not a prude, but there is a level of body coverage I tend to adhere to at work or school - no bare belly or lingerie confusable items. This morning at the bus stop there was a cute plump girl waiting for her bus and I looked over and started to giggle...and then felt a bit bad...for her. Honestly - she was wearing 4 inch silver heels, low cut (ass crack revealing) long dress shorts with a stomach bearing (I kid you not) mesh black corset. A barely covering her boobage sort of deal...and no shirt. Just that. Even going out to a club in a shag me now sort of mood, I can't imagine wearing such a thing...she looked horribly tacky. It was not sexy. It didn't make her look fat or weird it was just so very very wrong for 7 AM on a monday morning I wanted to pull her aside and give her a little chat about not putting it all out there for the wolves to see. I've accepted the fact that I no longer get all the current styles (which are currently looking suspiciously more and more like what I wore in high school), but lately I'm getting annoyed at the lack of class in what people are wearing. Maybe it's just where I live in buttcrack Saskatchwan but there is an annoying trend as of late to not even bother to wear proper bras and such under things -is it too much trouble to wear a strapless bra? Is it OK to look like you didn't bother to look in the mirror to check if bits of you or your gitch are plopping out around your clothes? Sigh...when *I'm* wondering about a fashion thing, you have to know it's an issue...

Jeebus people, after mumbling to myself about this all morning, I have to say something:

Ladies! Have some pride!
You don't have to dress like a mid-class whore to be sexy.
Sexiness is not equivalent to the amount of flesh you are showing-
Sexy is an attitude - so work it...
and put some clothes on dammit!

Your grandmother Geo.


the Bag Lady said…
Makes me appreciate the fact that I don't have to go to town all that often, so I don't get to see the trendy stuff. Whew.
Magnus said…
It is all over. I saw this in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I saw a girl at the bus stop this morning and her cleavage was just out there for all the world to see. This weekend I saw three fat girls wearing stuff that was far too revealing - mid sections bulging out from tube tops and butt cheeks bursting out from cut-off denims.
Women and girls are being encouraged to become hyper-sexualized caricatures of womanhood rather than real women of substance. Women achieved a lot in the last two centuries and it is sad to see it all being undone.

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