Bing! Bing! Bing!

The intercom is broken on the PA at work.

Nothing is more grating than a loud electronic "bing!" sound every 4 seconds for the past...oh...TWO HOURS or so.

Time for the iPod methinks...


Pacian said…
An electric ping over the PA? Or a LASER FIGHT on the floor above?

CC said…
I HATE it when I'm at the store and I just start getting into the groove of their awesome store music and they ALWAYS interrupt my favorite songs right in the middle with their stupid store announcements with daily specials.

Case in point, they will never break in to the middle of a Celine Dion song nor anything by John Fogerty but just as sure as they're playing something boss by Steely Dan or Dan Fogelberg or England Dan, you know one of the Dan's (I love them all) they will always piss on the magic with their stupid PA system.

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