A little shade on a sunny day

It is a whole lot cooler in the living room today.
Guess why?
My blinds are here! The dude came to install them (luckily *he* didn't break any limbs while he was here) and they look beautiful. We picked them to match the wood beam in the house, as there are a bunch of slightly different woods in the house and we had to pick one.
I love them. I have to cover them up so I don't get any brown paint on them today, but man, they make it seem like actual adults live here. The place will look too classy for us if we don't cut it out.
I'll try not to let it go to my head...besides, I still have 2 colours to paint. 
(yellow is done though!)


the Bag Lady said…
Looking forward to seeing the photos of the paint job, and now waiting ever so patiently to see the new blinds as well!! **drumming fingers on desk** :)
Magnus said…
They look bloody fantastic.

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