Well, feeling better today.
My fantastic husband cleaned up the living room yesterday before I got home. That and a nap and a good visit with a friend I hadn't seen in a while...oh, and a piece of blueberry pie (yum), made for a better day. I dont' feel crazy anymore. There is a lot to do before we go to Motion Notion thursday, but I think I can do prob. And we can put our stuff back in the living room - well at least *some* of it - before we go. Yay for normal lives.
Gotta run.
Lots of things to do...


I want to be the poster girl for a new campaign to push the importance of naps. They seriously perk me right up.
Anonymous said…
hee hee, you called it 'normal'
the Bag Lady said…
Glad you're feeling better about things. Amazing what a nap and a piece of blueberry pie can do! :)
Pacian said…
"I dont' feel crazy anymore."

Oh, Geo, I'm so sorry! Just relax, and it will flow freely again. Get back on that horse.

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