Isidore in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" defines kipple as:

"Kipple is useless objects, like junk mail or match folders after you use the last match or gum wrappers of yesterday’s homeopape. When nobody’s around, kipple reproduces itself. For instance, if you go to bed leaving any kipple around your apartment, when you wake up the next morning there’s twice as much of it. It always gets more and more.”

She goes on to say that “…the First Law of Kipple (is that) ‘Kipple drives out nonkipple’… No one can win against kipple, except temporarily and maybe in one spot, like in my apartment. I’ve sort of created a stasis between the pressure of kipple and nonkipple, for the time being. But eventually I’ll die or go away, and then the kipple will take over. It’s a universal principal operating throughout the universe; the entire universe is moving towards a final state of total, absolute kippleization.”

I am fighting the kipple.
I hope it won't return to my living room when we put the stuff back in it...but you can never be sure. ...


the Bag Lady said…
The Bag Lady lost the war on kipple many years ago. It was a brief and bloody battle, and she gave her all, but the kipple was too powerful. Now kipple rules her house.
Anonymous said…
mmm, kipple. I like mine in a red wine sauce.

But seriously, that would explain the entropy of my domicile. I've been overrun with kipple.
Magnus said…
I've been called a lot of things in my life, but "kipple" has to be the worst.
The title of your post sounds like a good title for a Gary Numan song.

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