Monday, September 03, 2007

Why don't you write about it in your blag?

I now know why I don't visit my family more often.
If I do, I would explode from the sheer amount of food I would be exposed to...and eat.
J and I spent the weekend at the lake visiting my parents and had a great time, and honestly, I don't think i've ever eaten so much in my life...and it was all fantastic food. My family likes to celebrate with food, and well...all I have to say is, Whoooooo!

Although, due to a spectacular exploding tyre on our car which made it about 1/4 longer to get home on a teeny tiny spare, for the rest of it, it was a great weekend. J and I got to go fishing again with Dad and my brother, went for a 2 hour walk in the rain, played lots of cards, read a lot of old National Geographics and drank lots of hot chocolate. Also, it was J's birthday on saturday, so I made him a Bailey's cheesecake. (Happy birthday love). I also got to go for a long run on sunday through the woods - THAT was great.
AND when J and I woke up early this morning the lake was like glass, so we got up squeakily early and took out the canoe for a few hours on the lake. We went across the lake and back around home, stopping at a little sandy spot on the other side of the lake to relax and talk and check out critter tracks, watch some beavers and a few loons and then slowly paddle back to a great breakfast with everyone before the long slow and slightly dangerous drive home. I must say... J is a great canoe partner - some people can't bear to be in the front and not try to steer, but he is great that way (I believe I was told the word "magnificent" applied...:) ). I've been in a canoe since I was a pouchling and canoing is second nature to me. He's relatively new to it, what with being unable to swim until recently, but he trusts me enough to let me steer us about the lake and (unlike experiences with other people) canoing with him is a very relaxing, enjoyable thing. We even did a skill testing steering test for me, weaving through the buoys at the beach and I made it through them all, back and forth, so - perfect score! Can't think of that many better ways to spend a morning...

And an odd occurrance - on friday night, when out for a walk with J at about 11 or so, because of the clouds or something (or so we keep telling ourselves) there was a star just to the right of the big dipper that kept looking like it was moving a bit about... like a brownian motion, only slower, and more precise. Thing is, it never *really* was away from where it should be, yet looked like it was going in twitchy circles...and sometimes wavering back and forth. And in case you think I'm crazy, J saw it too (honest!)...but when we looked on other nights there were no moving or swaying to be found. It was fascinating, as we'd both see the movement and after a while had to keep walking, as it was genuinely odd...I know they aren't supposed to move around like that! Think of the speed and distance it would have to cover to do that...

Also, I was out asking for pledges for the breast cancer run to old family friends and family that were up there this weekend and a close family friend from up there is just recovering from breast cancer treatment, so she really inspired me to do more. I have someone to run for...

And now, as I type this, my cat Geek has just brought me 3 toys in succession and is looking at me all cute like, so I must be off to play with some critters, before I settle back into the big wide world again.
Just thought I'd say: "hello and how are you?"

Ain't life grand?


Corey said...

Wow. Sounds like a wonderful life.

geosomin said...

right now, it is :)