Fake pies and pastry fraud

My grandma was a sneaky old bird.
I just used her recipe for "fake" apple pie to use up the zucchini someone gave me.
And it really does taste like yummy apple pie.
Little do my unsuspecting coworkers know there isn't an apple in it.
I'm off to nibble on some.


Chaucer's Bitch said…
alright, that's a recipe i need. post it.
Magnus said…
Zucchini? You are evil. Blech!
geosomin said…
Honest - it tastes like luscious apple pie. I kid you not!
Have you ever seen the recipe for Mock Apple Pie? It uses freakin RITZ crackers.

I can think of nothing more disgusting or deceptive. It's almost as bad as people topping apple pie with cheddar cheese slices or another pie recipe I have that uses ketchup in it. Gag.
geosomin said…
ketchup pie?


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