Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from the wilderness

Well, nothing like a weekend away in some natural settings with good people and some music. Turns out it was a bit of a collective workshop weekend, with a lot of hippyish workshops so I could relax in the sun or go learn a thing or two when I wanted. Over the weekend I learned a bit about ayurveda, how to make (and use) my very own hula hoop (it's yellow and orange...hee), more about lucid dreaming (something that has always intrigued me), and met a lot of very happy people, many of which I haven't seen in a while. Some bits bordered on being fruity, what with it being a solstice celebration, but it really was a nice relaxing time with plenty of great music in the evenings to dance to. There was even a steam tent...I didn't go in, but it looked really neat, as they kept heating up rocks in the fire and then making a steam sauna with them...And J's set went well...anlthough his audio project ended up not happening due to technical difficulties (and a lack of interested performers...) Never fear...I'm not going all fruity. It was just a nice weekend away with nice people.

It got chilly at night, but the whole event was on the grounds of a progressive school fro gifted kids set on an acreage/mansion...kind of like Xavier's school, only slightly more hippyish and less rich. The kids were there for the weekend as well. I didn't see them use any secret powers, but I'm sure they were just being polite as they didn't want to alarm us.

I got the change to relax and sleep and I feel a lot more recharged, enough to make it thru this week I think. Must get to work...lots to do. Hope youi all had a good weekend.
Please amuse yourselves with a look at what the interweb feels would be my ultimate lair...(I'm particularly fond of the rooms with caffeinated beverages and places for griffons - and a kitchen full of Keebler elves is my kinda place. Don't even get me started about the whole Xwing thing...:) )

Your home is a

Wizard's Stronghold

Your kitchen is manned by a team of Keebler Drow Elves. There's a pantry with emergency backup caffeinated beverages. You also have some breakfast cereals in there, but you haven't had breakfast since last Spring. Your master bedroom is decorated to look like the treetop village of the Galadhrim. Your study has every fantasy novel ever written, including multiple editions of the Silmarillion and advance copies of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. One of your garages contains a life-sized X-Wing fighter, and KITT. (KITT was a gift from a well-meaning uncle.)

Your home also includes a roost for griffons. You've never actually seen a griffon, but you keep the roost ready anyway. Your guests enjoy your home theater with hi-def plasma screen TV, and the thrones you watch it from. Outside is the moat that protects your home from goblin invaders and extended family.

And, you have a pet -- a unicorn named "Shadowhooves".

Below is a snippet of the blueprints:

Find YOUR Dream Home!


Magnus said...


geosomin said...

Am not!

Rimshot said...

Counter-culture? Were there sit-ins and macrame' lanyard weaving?


Magnus said...

Hippety-doo-dah, Hippety-eh...
Look out hippies get outtamyway..

gesosomin said...

GARGH! NO there was not basketweaving or sit ins. I found when people asked what I did and I responded "biochemist" the fruitiness tended to fade...they were very nice though. And I got to play devil's advocate in a whole lot of conversations...he heh. And, they made me soup...I like soup.


Corey said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh. Soap!

Pacian said...

I need to find a "Futuristic Coder's Manor", apparently.

Magnus said...

You need to play The Kingdom of Loathing - just to beat up the Filthy Hippies, Crusty Vegan Chefs and War Hippies.

Magnus said...

Character classes at include Rastamancer, Sauceror, Seal Clubber, Turtle Tamer, Disco Bandit and Accordian Thief. Fight Filthy Hippies, Orcish Fratboys, the Gnolls of Degrassi Knoll, Ninja Snowmen, 7ft Dwarves, the Procrastination Giant and the The Naughty Sorceress.