Friday, September 07, 2007

Are you ready to catflex?

I was pointed to this book about using your cat to help you work out via a commentor at Cranky Fitness. It was so odd, I had to look into it...

Although I torment my cats to keep them away from me when I work out and stretch (well try to), my attempts at annoying Geek away by using him for arm curls this morning met with a furry wiggly resistance.
Apparently he doesn't think it's a good idea.
Oddly enough, looking at the photos on the back cover of the book, the cat on your back and shoulders while doing push ups and lunges HAS occurred in my house, but only because the little buggers won't leave me alone. I usually torment them to try and drive them off, or let them sit on my back while I do pushups, as it's just simpler that way.

This is just a really odd book - the fact that someone has actually published an illustrated guide to working out with your cat is...well...hats off to the crazy cat ladies is all I have to say.


Pacian said...

Owners may go for that sort of thing. Cats rarely sympathise.