Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Favourites Vol. 3

Not much time today but I had to pop in quick to do a most favouritist album of all I think.
The Orb: Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld

It is hard to believe that this album came out in 1994...I didn't discover it until about 8 years ago. Despite it's age it is still an incredible CD. In fact, this CD actually just had a 15 anniversary rerelease, remastered with an extra CD of remixes (which are all very in fact which I prefer to the original mix). This CD is amazing...someone ambient, mostly electronic and still, after many years, my most favourite CD. The music starts out in Arizona...and moves out into space, past the moon, our universe and finally into the Ultraworld, where the Giant Pulsating Brain at the centre of the universe lives. There's dub with sounds samples and great music. 2 CDs of great listening...
Please listen to it. I can't even try to do it justice in words.
Have a great weekend all :)


Diddums said...

Whadya mean it's old? I've just been listening to a Don McLean CD. Hot stuff, and even that's not old... (glaring from her zimmer frame). ;-)

Geosomin said...

Well..a lot of electronic music doesn't age so well. Just think of C&C Music Factory and try and keep your lunch in you. Go on...I know it can't be done :)

I've nothing against "older" music...Some of my favourites are from years ago. Take Brian Eno and William Orbit. And the Orb...The Police...there's a lot of stuff to go back to

Magnus said...

You must love the album, since you posted something similar a month back. I still listen to this album as well and managed to pick up a used copy of Live `93.

Udge said...

Thanks for the tip! I hadn't registered The Orb at all, somehow they remained below my radar. I bought a few of the songs from ABtU on iTunes just now.