I'm tired. I believe the phrase "burnt out" would apply.
Why? Well the work all day work all night thing is getting a bit much. It's odd as work has been so stressing what with machine breaking and all that I've actually looked forward to the pledg edrive volunteer shift - WAY less pressure.
And in the midst of all that I've had to try to get all our stuff ready to go away for the weekend and get all my work done so I can leave at noon.
We're off for the weekend to a festival in Edmonton and it's all I can do to get all our stuff together to be off and arrive there before midnight and set up our gear.
I hope Jay's set goes OK. He's really worried about it. I just want him to be happy.
Perhaps some music will do me good.
And some sleep.
Cya all later...


Corey said…
Hopefully your weekend will let you reset your barometer. Good luck to the both of you.

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