Monday, September 10, 2007

Edit my painting post - the Grey Fox has landed

I bought paint to match a paint chip from the front of the house to paint the bits I'm fixing, but as I primed the places I fixed yesterday I realised the paint had faded into a myriad shades of I think I may have to paint all the grey parts of the front of the house so they're all the same.
This is getting to be more complicated than it's worth. I'm kind of hoping the bits I paint won't look absurd and I an leave it until spring, but I'm not holding my breath...I s'pose I should just shut up and do it, huh?

LATER: I'm a whiner. I just battled the forces of sunlight after I got home to put the first coat of paint on before sunset. I *just* finished in time, like those fantasy tales. I felt like Marty McFly, slowly fading away, almost running out of time. I barely finished the touschups before the sun set over the horizon.
...and, turns out it matches not too badly, after all, and it actually looks really nice. "Grey Fox" it's called, or so says the paint label. It's not too dark, so I'll just do the front trim around the windowy bits I've already redone, and leave the high up laddery parts until J is home...or MAYBE it'll do until spring when we can do more...(*cough*)

Yeah. That's it.

Course I was admiring my handiwork in the dark...


Pacian said...

That must be what it is like to paint a house in the evening when you are a reverse vampire.