Hold still. Don't move a muscle.

I believe I've found the physical limit for myself.
Working two jobs on top of running 6 Km and 1 hour of bellydancing all in one day is indeed the limit.

I'm not stiff or sore so much as just used up. Everything today shall be slow, steady and ever so calm, as I feel there are elastic bands connected to my knees that are very tightly drawn and to push to much might be very odd indeed. And not in a "ooh look at that, how interesting" sort of way.

I'll actually be glad to be off to Symmetry this weekend where I can sit and listen to music. J is playing a set (I'm going so I can hear him) and then working on an audio project there recording artists all weekend and mixing a track out of it. It's a great idea, but he'll be off in sound techy land the whole time so I'll be on my own, but there'll be lots of friendly peoples, many of whom I've met before, so i can occupy myself (I think). I believe I'll be in sit on my ass and listen to music land, which is very appealing at themoment. I should be able to get in some dancing too, but at the moment the thought of dancing about to anything makes my legs wince and mutter "no thanks...not right now, sit down".

Off to the lab to shuffle about slowly and manually do 1/4 of a broken machine's job (...which, turns out, won't be fixed until next week. *sigh* Such is life).


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