Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Music - Vol. 2

It's tricky to try and select "favourites". I like a lot of different music for a lot of reasons and whenever I listen to something I enjoy it can really twig memories, or inspire a mood in me. I don't know if it's cheating to pick a compilation, but as I do listen to this album often and in its entirety, so I'm wedging it in.

The compilation CD "@ Home @Sunrise", is a fantastic collection of ambient "chill out" (god I hate that term) music. It's DJ mixed for continuous listening, and is full of a great collection of mellow songs by a lot of my now favourite artists: DJ Food, Moby, Goldfrapp, Electric Skychurch and Mandalay. There's a more upbeat partner CD to this (@ Home @ Sunset) which is also quite good, but this is a CD full of ambient stuff....but it isn't so slow or dull that it bores you. It has a mellow groove to it that bears up to repeated listening.

I cannot count the rainy days and romantic evenings I've spent listening to this CD. It's full of great music that makes me happy and fills up my soul whenever I hear it if I'm feelin less than level. It's not cheesy or new agey or anything of the sort...just a great collection of ambient electronic and remixed songs. It was actually recommended to me in an A&B sound years back, and the guy who did so had such a joyous look on his face when he described it to me I took a risk and picked it up without blinking. I figured any music that made the guy who ran the ambient electronic section in A&B was worth a listen...and it was.

If you're looking for mellow music to listen to on a rainy day I'd recommend it.
Think I'll go put it on the iPod right now and get busy in the lab...


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