Friday, March 31, 2006

Gorram Malware

While doing a search for lyrics to a song (It's not the End of the World by the Super Furry Animals if ya want to know) on my lunchbreak my PC suddenly started installing things without me asking and all of a sudden a new toolbar was there and all sort of things were on my PC that weren't before and I couldn't stop it. Which can't be removed as the uninstall conveniently doesn't work and the website for the software can't be opened.
Who writes this crap anyways. They should be shot.
I had to run Adaware and hope it is gone when I'm back after work...It had found over 200 things to delete before I was done lunch and on my way back to work. God knows waht got put on there....It's not even safe to just search the web with popupblocker on anymore, at work on a firewalled wuote all old people everywhere: "what's the world coming to these days?"

Curse you Malware and crappy pop up search engine crapmakers everywhere!!
Your momma would be ashamed of you!


Trent said...

And this is why you use a Mac at home.

I bet you were using IE to do your browsing though, right? Speaking of shame shame, double shame. With hundreds of known exploits big enough for a hacker to drive a new toolbar through, nobody in their right mind uses IE anymore (that's why they stopped making it for the Mac, I think). Use firefox, baby....

Of course, it's one of those work computers, right? Where they'd rather deal with the hassle of fighting the viri and spam and malware rather than install an open source program....

Thoth Harris said...

Well, Trent, I know know what you mean. But be reasonable! Blogging in IE is easier. I find that all the photos on my site don't show up in Firefox, so I have to use IE. And have you looked at my site in Firefox? The formatting get's screwed up. Now, I know what you are going to say. You are going to say I have to learn more about HTML. But isn't good ol' HTML...isn't that outdate even now? XML is the way to go! It just seems like It hasn't caught on universally. Still, I don't really know what I am talking about. You know much more than I do about all this...since you helped Magnus with his site. I worked at a university library a couple of years ago doing XML tagging and marking-up...and from what I saw and from what everyone told me, XML is much easier to use - and to understand.

Thoth Harris said...

I just tried Magnus' site on my firefox browser (I turned off the IE view), and indeed, all the images of the skull that you helped Magnus input into the left margins disappeared. So there's definitely drawbacks to Firefox in viewing one another's blogs!

And, as i said, photos are often not viewable. There are exceptions. If you go to, his site is viewable (and deliberately so) in Firefox. But you can't put the mouse on it, click it, and enlarge it like you can in IE.

Magnus said...

Yeah Trent, Mr. Blogless, whadaya say tuh that? Huh?

Way back a long time a go, I seem to recall liking Netscape the best.

Geosomin said...

We are not allowed to use anything but explorer at work so I can't not do it as if I did and wsomething went wrong with my computer they'd not fix it for free...we have sophos installed, but it only gets viruses.

It's just so disconcerting to see your computer whirring away doing things on it's own...things that take up time to remove too.

You CAN do all sorts of edits and links with explorer that I can't here at home tho...odd. Wish blogger was more compatible with safari.

Geosomin said...

(that's why they stopped making it for the Mac, I think).

No..I think Gates is just being a jerk.