Thursday, March 30, 2006

And then their heads fell off...

There are either cute kids or cool adults (OK probably both) in a house I pass by every day on my way to the bus. There is always some kind of yard thing going on in the summer and all winter there's been forts and snowmen and such. In the last big dump of snow a while back they built 2 HUGE snowmen in the front yard, complete with hair, faces and clothes.
And as the weather's warmed up they've started to slowly droop and melt, like that german guy in Raider's of the Lost Ark ("it's beautiful!").
This morning I discovered that they've finally been decapitated...sad really. Their finely decorated heads now rest at their feet along with their arms and bits of their clothes. I'm enjoying the great melting and can't wait for the squishy season to be done, but I'm always sad seeing the last of the snowy bits go away. I'd built 2 baby snowmen in the back alley on two fenceposts where we park our car..they've been headless for days.
Spring is here! Huzzah!


magnus said...

That evil Gestapo guy from Raiders? He was the same guy who played the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells in Blackadder II "Money".