Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Fingers

Had a truly odd experience last night.
As a preamble (and to make me hopefully seem slightly less odd) Jay and I have a wierd habit of (when we're snowbound & going crazy) putting different images with different music. Sometimes it's as simple as turning off the sound and trying to guess what's going on in a show or a commercial or making a "soundtrack" for a show or movie with a CD of our own. Often odd matchups occur, sometimes it's damn funny...honestly, most of the time the TV is ignored and we listen to the music. Last night was a night of laziness and vegetation. We were listening to the new Gomez album (again) and Jay said said he'd try to find something for a "video" for the album...kinda like Wizard of Oz with The Dark Side of the Moon together (which honestly does match up in odd and interesting ways. I've tried it. Oh, stop pointing at me and really does!).
What did he find on cable was one of the wierdest films I have ever seen. I came down with a steaming mug of of Earl Grey tea to settle in and listen/see what I later found out to be The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T on silently as a video for the album. I'd like to say it matched up in an interesting way but honetly, it's just one of the most screwy film I've ever seen-Dr. Seuss at his finest. Without sound...even wierder as I've never seen or heard of it before.
What an odd movie. I do however want a hat like that.

I mean...I'd be even cooler than I am right now.

(Oh stop laughing...)


magnus said...

Maybe Blogger will finallyallow me to comment? I have always wanted to see this film but never been able to rent it. I forgot that it was on TCM that night, I was hoping to get a friend to tape it.