Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A little bit of boredom and cat fluff

Man I am tired this morning. Slept with a cat on my head all night (not my choice believe me, he's a sneaky little bugger), and being allergic to cats I'm still sneezing like an idiot - not a recipe for a good night's sleep. But here I am. Caffeine will guide me through yet another day.
Cuz I have lots to do today, but I don't want to skimp out on the weblog, here's a quick little thing I haven't done in a while before I take off:

What's Going on in My Life Right Now

Current attire: Blue jeans. guacamole green shirt, black socks, white running shoes, black specs and a nice necklace.
Current mood: Tired. Like I said...cats on your head will do that to ya. I am feeling optomistic tho.
Current music: Nothing. My radio cacked out on me here so I am humming things to myself right now.
Current annoyance: People who pretend they want to see you and visit with you when really, all they want is to borrow something or have you do something for them. Just come and ask and save the REAL visit for makes us visitees feel rather pathetic.
Current thing: Craving bizarre foods and then getting all the tools I need to make them and then eating them. Yum. Right now I'm waiting for a twinkie set to come so I can make my own twinkie cakes. I can't wait! Plus, after reading Betty's weblog I now want to make a Dalek cake...
Current song in head: "Go" by Lemon Jelly. It does have William Shatner's voice in it but it is good despite him. Honest.
Current book: The fifth book in the Dune series. I haven't had much time to get beyond the first 20 or so pages, so I'm waiting til I can have a good read.
Current video in player: My exercise ball tape from this morning
Current DVD in player: Nowhere Man disc 3. Just finished it. I do so love that show.
Current refreshment: coffee and sesame seed flax toast with my mum's crabapple jelly on it. I forgot to ahve breakfast before I left. Luckily my bus gets here early.
Current worry: Bills to pay, student loan payments to arrange and taxes to fill out before I can relax and take a VERY long awaited holiday in the end of April. I have a whole week to use up and even if I do nothing but stay at home and read and make twinkie's all week I can't wait! I am burnt out and I need a holiday.
Current thought: Is terrorism the new communism in the US philosophy? I was watching a docuemntary on communism in the states in the 50/60s and it seems to have a lot of similar "causes" and "effects" attributed to is as terrorism does in today's mindset. Are they not both a state of mind and philosphy taken into literal life? And by writing this will the FBI start reading my weblog? (Hello!! )
Have a good day all. Happy thoughts to you all. And go and have some toast with homemade jam on it. What are you waiting for?