Friday, March 31, 2006

Bad Karma Hypothesis labwork is not working. I'm finally back in a functional lab and things I've done well for years are simply failing to give results. For no reason. At all. Making my life tedious and troublesome...and making me feel incompetant. If I hear "It worked last time - why don't you go through your protocols?" one more time I may scream.
To be a total geek (and feel like I'm accomplishing something scientific) here's a write up of mysufferings.

Title: Bad Lab Karma -The failure of known methods in standard analysis

Background: This is basically the "God is punishing me" hypothesis. It has gained a great deal of favour after trusted experiments have failed to work for no good reason.

The following facts are known:
i) All rational explanations have been exhausted and yet the experiment is still is not working for me.
ii) I have persistent feelings of guilt.

Methods & Materials:
Tried and true, brand new, same as always. Just been a bit of time since they were last done, but everything is exactly the same.

Results and Conclusions: (offered by coworkers)
The cosmos is punishing me for being so confident about my abilities. Appease the powers that be by:
i) Trying bungee jumping. If I survive, God must not be too hacked-off at me.
ii) Atone for my sins and start over at the top of the flow chart.
iii) If I end up here next time, have someone watch the next time I set up the reactions. Blame THEM if it fails again.
Sigh...Wish me luck!

As an interesting, yet non-related side note: here's an article about an unusual research report


magnus said...

You should atone for "favor" missy. In this country we spell it "favour". If you were as careless, rushed and sloppy at editing as I am that would be one thing, but this...
Feel the frown.


Geosomin said...

Ack! Sorry - typo!
Believe me -as one who lectures my friends and coworkers about properly spelling colour and favour and centre and all that good British grammar I stand corrected! I don't spell check things before posting and was in a pissy hurry, so I must've goofed. Sorry - how embarrasing. My Dad (a former english teacher) would be ashamed.
Frown felt.
Grovelling offered.
Whether I cry or not will depend on how this afternoons work turns out...


Geosomin said...

There. Favour is favour.

Dumb Dumb
favour favour...

magnus said...

Nae a problem lassie. ;)