That's Odd...

Stealing this from a many a weblog I've seen, here is a list of wierd things I like to do or do nearly every day:

-I refuse to let the cat lick his butt when there is someone over. It's just rude.
-I can't cook a full meal if the kitchen has dirty dishes...I have to hide the dirty dishes in the dishwasher first. Messy is fine but the dishes have to go, even if I just take them back out onto the counter later if they aren't dishwasher safe. Back in the apartment I'd just put them in the stove.
-I talk to myself. Drives J crazy.
-I like stale popcorn. A day old with loads of butter is the best thing ever. ..and garlic salt and pepper.
-I talk to the coconuts at the grocery store. They're cute.
-I do a spider check before I go in the basement to do laundry. There's one guy down there the size of a chocolate chip and he loves to run at me fron under the dryer...I'm paranoid he'll run up my leg.
- I believe the 10 second rule applies to stuff that falls on the floor - as a microbiologist I know it's wrong, but I figure what won't kill me makes me stronger
-I like to drink beer in the bathtub
-I am completely unable to style my hair..I just don't have the girly genes to do it. I'm lucky if I comb it right. I think I fell and broke that part of me as a child.
-If a cat keeps me up all night I spend the next day waking it up whenever I see it so we both have to suffer together
-When I pick the pine cones out of the yard I save them and scatter them across the river to make more trees
-I hide from door to door canvassers, even if it's obvious I'm home. Especially the cute ones with candy...I'm a pushover.
-When I have lots of types of cheese and put it out for munching, I make little flags for he cheeses so I don't mix them up. I have quite a flag collection by now... and I love cheese
-When I spill water I use whatever cat is nearest as a towel to wipe it up.

Yup...that's me.


Day old popcorn is not stale. We're not talking pastry here. Week old popcorn is stale. Day old popcorn takes on a slightly different flavour, perhaps more of its own flavour than when it is eaten fresh.
a fistful of magnus said…
"When I spill water I use whatever cat is nearest as a towel to wipe it up."

Rotflmao, etc, etc and so forth.How o thecats react?
Geosomin said…
See, I agree with you there. J use to always throw out the popcorn (he hates "stale" peopcorn) but I think it tastes better. As a kid I used to make popcorn the nigh tbefore on purpose and I'm still hooked. I usually make WAY more than I want so there's more for the next day.

Oh, and the cats are NOT impressed when I do that, but most of the time it is them who tips over the glass or whatever trying to get to the water in it. It started back when our cat used to tip over a vase on our kitchen table. We absolutely could not stop him, even by doing this so we moved the vase and it just seemed right to have done this ever since.
They usually meow their utter disgust at us and spend the next hour or so licking themselves clean of our "filth". No harm done AND it amuses the heck out of us.
Geosomin said…
The cats have the best towely action when you grip them by their feet and rub them in a circular motion on their back or side...We have long haired cats so they're extra absorbant!
Hee hee...I'm giggling just thinking about it.

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