Friday, March 03, 2006

Down with Negativity

OK, so I've noticed this weblog is turning into where I go to vent negativity.
Not cool.
So, other than comments and discussion I will try and keep the negativity to a minimum. My ethic as of late has been to spread goodness and cheer and then hope it will spread and make the world a better place one person at a time. I need to get back at that.

And so for good measure, to cancel out some of the woogy bits I've posted lately here are a few of the happy things I could think of (well, or things that make me happy anyways):
Daffodils, bunnies (especially the floppy eared sort), fluffy chickens, hot cocoa, Geek (my cat), Samosas, ladybugs, stained glass windows, pistachio pudding, bubble tea, cupcakes, snowmen, Opus, listening to music, Gustav Klimt, iridescent stones, Guiness, strawberries, hot water bottles, chocolate covered pretzels, hore frost, sushi, Emily Carr, happy hopping gerbils, candlelight, cordoroy, 4 leaf clovers, loons singing on a the lake, tobogganing, earl grey tea, popcorn, the smell of campfire smoke, flannel shirts on a cold evening, guacamole, dancing for joy, baby sea otters and frozen grapes melting slowly in your mouth...



kellywalters said...

bad mean shit can be wonderful!

it vents very well

herhimnbryn said...

I like your list of happy things. Earl Grey tea, most definately.
What is bubble tea?
Answer to yr mosaic question on my blog in the commment box.

Magnus said...

If you don't vent you'll explode - like Three Mile Island or Chernoyl. Then we'd have to cover you over in concrete and Jay would never be able to see you again 'cause you'd be too toxic. That would be bad. So vent, for the love of your life - VENT!

Bubble Tea is a Chinese drink, served hot or cold. Served cold it can just be on ice, shaved ice, done like a daquiri in a blender or smoothie style. Flavours include run of the mill Strawberry, pinapple, kiwi, green tea, milky tea - or taro root, (I prefer the atrificial taro root, like cookies and cream) lychee nut, chocolate. Usually served with your choice of tapioca pearls or shredded coconut jelly.
Here in Vancouver it has become very popular.