Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One point twenty one jigawatts!

We have a local Community Radio Station (CFCR) that's been around over 15 years, getting better and better over the years. It has a lot of multicultural programming and gives radio play to local and Canadian work. Lots of good music, local business are advertised and community groups (and anybody really) have a place to have their say and be involved, with the members and listeners supporting the station and keeping it alive. We even did a local artist compilation CD and a Centennial Cookbook as Centennial projects in the city and cover the festivals in town each year. It really is a great thing for the community. J has had a show on Thursday afternoons (Afternoon Buzz) as Mr. Johnny Bayconbitz for the past few years and we've been involved in fundraisers and on the board of directors for a while. J and some others at the station even have made a bunch of short films...lots going on and a great thing for the community.
They've been raising money for years to update the studio to have decent equipment and get a transmitter that will clearly reach the whole city and surrounding area (10 X our old transmittor! Not actually1.21 gigawatts, but closer!). After updating the studio, our last yearly fundraiser pushed it over the top and we've finally been able to install a new transmitter for the station that is up and running...and today is the big official press conference to let the city know it is up and running. The mayor will be there to flip the giant switch one of the guys on the board made up to turn on the blinking light on top of a cool mini steel radio broadcast tower that some students at the local technical school built for us in their welding training.
I even made cookies! We're entering near SCTV levels of quality! Woot!
It's been a long time coming and it'll be so cool! I'll take a few pictures this afternoon and post them tomorrow...neat neat neat.


magnus said...

I did a month long stint on UNBC's student radio, CFUR.I miss it. Ken (aka Zeke) still has a show on the called arctangent.