Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Computers are evil

Spent ALL last night organizing our computer and cleaning it up. Why? Well Our new OS 10.4 FINALLY arrived which we need to install to run Logic Pro 7.2 so J can finally get to it and play with the program he's been waiting for for the past 3 months. So many delays.
We are very lax at stuff and things are all over the place, but I got it all organised, yet I managed to wreck the first DVD I was using to back up our photos (did something dumb), so hopefully tonight I can back up all our music (23 GB - yeesh) and all our photos and other files just in case they get gibbled when I update the OS. They'll probably be fine but I have the worst luck in the world and I have no desire to import all our CDs again (it'd take weeks) or lose all our photos, which would only happen if I DIDN'T back up I'm sure! We'd put off doing this until J had finished making wedding DVDs of the 2 family weddings we videotaped a while back and they are finally done so I can begin. They turned out ever so spiffy and professional. I'm sure they will be thrilled with them.
Yeesh what tedious boring stuff to do all evening after a long days work. After the DVD failed I quit before something else could go wrong, but I have to get at it tonight and just finish it. Then J can use it. He has been so busy as of late - we both have actually. Hopefully he'll have time to play with it. It had better work after all this or I may have to go find Steve Jobbs and kick him in the shins...twice.

And so what's my longwinded point you ask?
Well, I have so decided that computers are evil. They take up our time doing things that could be done in other ways and most people don't know how to use them properly and rely on those of us that do to get things "fixed". Silly. Time is spent on "important files" that don't really actually exist...

Yup, it is back to the stone tablet and feather quill pen for me after all this. And the glass...
I have been itching to make a window for the past few weeks. Once I'm done all this I'll have lots of time to do so when J is making music with his new program. I can't wait...I promised my Dad a panel for the cabin. I can't wait!


Trent said...

Of course, if you had been backing up regularly, you wouldn't have to spend all this time doing it in one fell swoop.

And hey, here's an idea; buy an external drive that you can drop everything on. Takes five minutes to drag and drop, and then you just have to let it chew on it for an hour or so. No muss, no fuss. It's a bit more expensive up front, but the cost is actually cheaper per meg, IIRC.

Geosomin said...

Hey Trent, you're a Mac guy.

I have two spare internal hard drives (80 and 200GB) and I only ave Tiger (just installed it) on the 50GB drive that the Mac originally came with (the others were just dropped in and formatted).
If I install tiger on the other harddrives can I then put Logic pro on one of them instead of the main drive?? I don't know it this would screw up everything or what to do, but I only have ~8 GB left on my main harddrive and the program takes roughly it's be full and work really slow.
What do you think. Does that work??
I'd like to but I don't want to screw up the computer.

Geosomin said...

Heh...and as a side comment I'd like to say that all MY stuff WAS backed up. J's however...not so much. Of course I don't do much on it, so it's probably not a fair complaint.

Magnus said...