So the education version (way cheaper) of the Logic Pro audio software I've been waiting for from Apple has FINALLY arrived over 2 months from when I ordered it.
And hey, guess what?
The delay was because it was being upgraded to a new version...
which it turns up I have to upgrade my OS for...
AND (wait for it.....) the new OS is now on backorder for 8-10 days!


J & my simple "winter boredom putoff project" won't be available until way into spring and is getting way to complicated.
Sigh...waiting is the story of my life lately.
I just hope it actually works...and that my old software still works on the new OS or I will be some pissed.


Trent said…
Maybe they'll drop Tiger on it when they fix it.

I've hit two points in my life that make me want to upgrade: Google Earth and Adobe Lightroom are both 10.4 only.

But here's my current plan: wait for a few months until the Intel switch starts to shake down, as well as a few more months closer to Adobe CS3 (I suspect with their purchase of Macromedia, the name of the suite might change; what I mean is the next release of Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator.

See, Adobe has said they're not planning on making the Creative Suite Intel native until the next version. And 90% of what I do is in CS. And CS is running slower on the new macs (4 times faster!) than the previous version.

Anyway. I'm trying to con the boss into buying me a laptop (then I can work at home). He's down with the idea, but first we have a whole bunch of other capital expenses....

And Logic? Is this something new for you, or have you been playing around in, say, Garageband. And if so, got anything worth hearing?
Geosomin said…
Logic is new...it's mostly for J. He was looking into getting a synthesizer and after some looking we found that logic pro does what about 50 different synthesizers do and more AND he can sequence, edit and build tacks on it...
...if it ever arrives that is. I hope it works when it comes. We've spent so long building it up in our minds that it will be a huge dissapointment if it does.
The first step is to learn music terminology and concepts...the manual is like 700 pages long and we don't know what a lot it is talking about!
I just wanna make like Yello
Trent said…
Of course, you'll probably still need a midi trigger, as drawing in the notes is a pain.

And yeah, learning to use it is an epic learning curve. I don't know it, but I know it's pretty hardcore. I'm trying to get my head around Final Cut Express, and am failing pretty badly.

Oh. And Tiger arrives maybe tomorrow. Yay. I'm not at work until Monday. Boo.

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