Observations made on top of a purple ball at 6:30 in the morning

You know...I'm not a morning person. I'm by habit a night owl, although my body is the sort that if I'm tired I will fall asleep anywhere. Period. I kid you not, I've nodded off to sleep in pubs and at an engagement party in a friend's yard oh so many years ago they lovingly made me a "bride to be" reclining lawn chair with a blanket for me to sack out in, and the party went on around me when I happily zonked out about 2 AM or so...it's why I don't drive late at night period. I actually used to piss off some friends as we'd play Risk late into the night and I'd be zonk out and woken up for my turns, play them and go back to sleep and still win the game...heh heh...amateurs.
That is why getting up earlier to work out was scary to me. Over the last 6 weeks - even just 25 minutes was at first, I thought, a one way ticket to cranky exhaustion. At first I was exhausted by 9 PM because I still tried to stay up till 11:30 - I felt cheated if I went to bed early. Slowly I got used to it and managed to find a happy medium of around 10 or 10 :30. The thing is, I'm a sleeper-inner. Nothing delights me more than lazy weekend mornings and dozing as long as possible, reading and even more dozing. My newer schedule is really making it hard to sleep past 10 or so now. Not a big deal to some of you maybe, but very odd to me. If I happen to stay out late with friends (and stay awake thru it all) I still awaken early...wierd. Not sure if I'll ever like that part of it.
Strangely enough, it is getting easier. Oh it's not that I like getting up at 6:15. The fact that I now need to expand my exercise routine and wake up 15 minutes more early from this week onwards is still a struggle. I like sleep! The neet thing is, most mornings I feel really good by the time I exercise. It is kind of cool...by now there is no more nodding off in the middle of my ball workout and dropping the ball on my head as I lay on my back...definitely a good thing for my poor nose!
And after 6 weeks what do I have to show for all this morning angst? Well, I've lost (ooh aah) 3 pounds and I feel fitter, have more energy and I can feel muscles in my body underneath the insulation. I don't jiggle (as much) and I am looking forward to the banishment of the horrid winter so I can start walking outside and maybe even jog abit...one bit at a time. I'm a healthy weight for my height. I'm just not healthy...but I'm well on the way there now.
I know I'll never be uber fit. Heck, I just don't want it badly enough and quite frankly, I like to eat food. I was starting to get into uberfitness back in university and well, it's just not that important to me to spend that much time on it...but I have to say that feeling healthy is great. Knowing I'm doing my bit to be around here longer and be healthier with J is very satisfying. We both are more healthy and fit now than when we met each other over 10 years ago and feel like "real" people. We get out and do more things. And I must say that going into a store and trying on pretty much anything flattering , especially with the limited normal clothing choices from the current bar slag style craze for women feels better when you look better.

SO...what brought all this pattern of thinking on? I was wondering this morning while doing pushups on the purply ball just what I was getting out of all this really...and a neat thing came to mind on top of all the things I've already mentioned. Since I began in January I not only sleep better and feel better but I get lots of wierd dreams. Latest example? Well, sunday night I dreamt that I could play my hand like a flute...you know, like when you were a kid and you'd put a thumb on your nose and wiggle the fingers at people? Well I could blow in my thumb and depending on how my fingers were bent, I could play different notes. I was just getting good at it when I woke up...
Maybe it's a sign my brain is bored and I need to start doing mental excercises and take it out for a spin every once in a while...


Geosomin said…
Man...I babble too much.

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