F is for Foul

Okey Dokey. So here's my day so far:
1) Get up and nearly fall down the stairs
2) Have an asthma attack while exercising
3) Get cats all over me as I try and salvage my excercise routine and do some stretching
4) Have showerhead spray cold water on my head because my knee bumped the knob
5) My friend left the lid off the muffins when he ate one last night so they are little breakfast rocks...I took one to eat later anyways.
6) Can't find my toque so I freeze my head on my walk to the bus, trudging through a foot of snow that fell overnight
7) Fall down on the ice on my way to the bus (luckily the snow was there)
8) Some sort of pointy metal thing in my boot decides to pop free as I got off the bus to shred my heel all day until I can get home and take the boots off.
9) When I get to work and I'm starting up the coffee in the lunch room I am bombarded on my head by a box of stir sticks from a shelf above (I kid you not) which then proceed to scatter madly all over the room, forcing me to pick them up.
10) As a last kick in the teeth I dropped my muffin/rock on the stairs...I picked it up and so help me I'm eating it anyways.

I am very scared of this day - I mean it's only 8 AM. Who knows what else I'm facing today. It's like a twisted top 10 list already.
I'll post tomorrow to let you all know I'm still alive!


Magnus said…
On the other hand, you are allowed to blog at work it would seem. Some places I have worked at would reprimand you for jsut mentioning something from your personal life to a co-worker.
Geosomin said…
Well, I have to do it before work or on a break. Like now is my coffee break...While my lab was ebing renovated they gave me a bit of slack, but now it's strictly my own time. My bus gets me here about 20 minutes before work so I have time to make coffee and check my e-mails so it's a good arrangement overall. Can't complain, I work for good people.

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