I Stood Up and I Said Yeah

Hooray for me.
Our copy of The Flaming Lips 5.1 audio release of their 1999 album The Soft Bulletin finally arrived yesterday (So did the new Orb album Okie Dokie but I haven't had a chance to listen yet). I've liked the Flaming Lips for a long time, all the way back to Transmission from the Satellite Heart in '93 and it's funny, every album I listen to is "oh this one is my favorite". They keep improving and changing musically...from a lot of fun noise into some of the best rock & roll out there. And they are truly interesting people who genuinely try to make people happier and have a good time with their music. There's even talk of releasing their experimental album Zaireeka on DVD in 5.1 (which is good seeing as noone I know has 4 separate CD players to play the 4 CDs at the same time and so have never heard it) and I'm happily anticipating their new album to be out sometime this year. I loved Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, their last album release (which is also out in 5.1 remix should you all be interested) and this new album, from the single I heard last week, appears to be a slightly different sound yet again.

If you've never heard the Flaming Lips or The Soft Bulletin, do so. Beg or borrow it and have a listen. Pick up the DVD if you have a home theatre system...there's even a little kaliedescope fro each song to watch if ya like while listening. It will make your ears smile.


Geosomin said…
Strange...I just noticed that the audio links for the songs on the Soft Bulletin new release on Amazon are all tottaly the wrong songs by a bunch of different people...wierd.
Magnus said…
Why I have an allmusic.com account. I like the FLips, not as much as you do, but the show I saw a couple of years back was an incredible experience.
The Soft Bulliten is ruined for me though, personal reasons. Reminds me too much of particular dame.
Thoth Harris said…
Well, here in the land of Hello Kitty and boybands and girlbands and nothing else but, I am starved for music. Since my laptop (which had about 2000 songs on it) was stolen, now I'm starved more than ever. But I still have my mp3 player, which only has a capacity for about 57 songs. And some of the selections are from a Postal Service album. Check them out, Magnus and Geosomin. Really mellow, like the later Flaming Lips. Actually, I didn't really enjoy there early stuff that much. All sounds the same. But their recent stuff, since the early to mid nineties till now is quite good.

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