Happy Thoughts from the Queen

Bacon Queen here.
I am in a pretty good mood today, mostly due to this list and a good night sleep after a romantic day spent with the King.
So read up and cheer up...or I'll send you a poison strudel.

Songs that make me happy:
-"Feels Good" by Gorillaz
-"Summer Girl" by Beck
-"Warning Shots" by Thievery Corporation

Things that make me happy:
-My "Happy" t-shirt. I'm wearing it right now.
-When my husband calls me "Spark"
-When I get to go to the Cheese store and get fantastic cheese from around the world - this weeks cheese is a Garlic Leister Swirl...mmmmm

I'm thankful for:
-My Mom's congestive heart failure is, for now, under better control with medication, so I get to keep her. I luv my Mummy.
-There's a new kid in our neighborhood who likes to shovel our steps and sidewalk for cash. No more shovelling for me this winter!
-I got a ride to work and I get a ride home from home from work today - no bus for me today!

Songs I have to sing along to (even when they're just in my head):
-"Stripped Machine" by Goldfrapp
- The Doom song by Gir (OK it's not a real song but it gets in your head)
-"In My Heart" by Moby

Three nice things I will do soon:
-Send CDs of music I like to friends and hopefully start up a bit of a music swap (like the old times)
-When I am in the cancer centre during work I will take 10 minutes and play/talk to the kids in for chemo to try and make them smile.
-Send my friends doing Grad Studies in Halifax a care package

Quotes that make me laugh:
-"Perhaps I'll ask someone with a little more intelligence what their opinion is...hello wall, what do you think?" ~K. Kochanski
-"Pointy Birds, a pointy pointy, annoint my head, anointy nointy" ~Steve Martin (Cruel Shoes)
-"My English teacher, Mrs. Robinson, always said to start in the middle of something interesting, so here's Peter encased in 50 cubic feet of Jell-O. " ~M. Martin

Movies I enjoy watching over and over that make me happy:
-It's a Wonderful Life
-Run Lola Run


Magnus said…
Hapuness. So alien and foreign a concept. You are scary.
Geosomin said…
When you embrace the spirit of hapu it will all become clearrer to you...
Magnus said…
Happiness... argh.

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