Just realised that today we vote and find out in a day or so if we have to go on strike or not. I really don't want to...all you of the praying sort, pray for a yes vote. I like my house and I'd rather not trade it in for a cardboard box.


magnus said…
What is the strike about? The strike might be for your benefit, no?
Geosomin said…
In this case not really, in my opinion. It's about the fairest deal we could get under the circumstances...not great, but not bad. It's all about job revaluation and equity acessment and not wages this time. We've been without a contract for over 2 years and it'll end in Dec. anyways and going on strike over the summer is more than pointless. Lets just say I don't think it is a deal worth going on strike over. And if we vote it down it won't be easy to get another offer. I'd be very nervous at the outcomes if it was voted down. I just don't think we'd get a better deal if we did...there's no way to please everyone this time. We're better off starting fresh with the new deal...but I think it might be a close vote. I'm very nervous. We can't really afford to go on strike what with me being the main earner...Kraft Dinner for a long time to recover if we do.

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