I am not a crackpot

OK, so I'd just like to state that I'm not a nut. I usually don't go for conspiracy crap and I'm about as cynical as it gets when it comes to that kind of stuff.
Yet, on Sunday I watched a google hosted film about the 911 attacks , specifically to watch the first part to learn more about the whole "plane hitting the pentagon" thing. It was interesting enough that I ended up watching the whole film (it's over an hour long). Now while a bit of it goes a bit too far for me, a lot of the evidence presented about the plane that crashed in a field and the one that supposedly crashed into the pentagon was fascinating...it seriously looks as though it didn't happen, given all the evidence present (and the fact that a lot recording and data are suspiciously hidden from the public about the event that could just confirm things one way or the other is just odd). And a lot of evidence presented about the twin towers talks about secondary explosions before the collapse and a prior knowledge of the event - like a planned demolition...Now I feel all crackpotty for saying this, but if you have some time to kill, watch the movie. I know it's long...skip thru the first bit of intro if you must, but the bits on the planes and towers is really interesting. If the facts that the only buildings of this type to utterly collapse utterly due to fire are these 3 buildings, especially the tower 7 which had a bunch of FBI and other agency offices in it, something is definitely NOT right. The questions raised about Bin Laden's supposed video confession are aslo very alarming. The film has photos and evidence I've honestly never seen before...and it made me wonder...just how much of it was real? And if it wasn't...why? And holy crap indeed if it was known about ahead of time or faked.

Man...I guess I need to go buy a "conspiracy theorist" t-shirt now...cuz this film got me thinking. A lot. Watch it. Tell me what you thought. Am I being a bit wonky here? Cuz it sure looks as though something is definitely not right...


Trent said…
You were able to find a video on Google Video to watch?

Or did you just come across it and went "hey, this looks interesting..."?
Geosomin said…
We found it as a link on Fazed.net where they have links to random sites and games and video clips and this just happened to be one of them. J went there thinking "hey this looks interesting" for the heck of it and ended up watching it (we'd been talking about the pentagon crash earlier for some reason)and said I should watch a bit of it for that part of it and I ended up watching the whole thing too. It's interesting.

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