Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Just gotta keep it together 1 more day. One more. My permission to write meeting is tomorrow. I've gotten more sleep this week thank frog, but I still feel utterly worn out from this month's utter insanity. I can honestly say I have never been this busy before in my life.
But, only one more night of slavery work...then crossing of all available appendages that it will go well and I get clearance to stop MSc work and I can officially start slogging away at my thesis and relax a bit. By relax I mean not working every damn waking moment....

I plan to bribe the committee with nutella cookies - I have no shame. :)

We were going to go away this weekend, but I'm kind of glad we aren't even though I was looking forward to it. While J works I can put up Christmas lights and make cookies to send with my Dad out to Ontario to my sister for her 4 foster kids to snarf. We snuck away for a day last weekend to a star wars which I won best costume (bwaha! 2 tickets to the Astral Harvest music festival!) and had a little relaxing if only because of the car ride there and back :)
Soon...a bit of holiday break.
Just to show off, here's me and a hot Clone Trooper at the Star Wars party...Just to prove that yes...I know how to make a proper costume :) I went over to tell her she had the shiniest pants I'd ever seen. She told me they used to belong to her gay roommate who had given them to her because his boyfriend thought they were *too* gay for him to wear...and she loves them. Best story behind a pair of pants I've heard in a while... :)

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the Bag Lady said...

Go, you!
Hope everything works out well for you.
(I, too, am baking cookies to send to Ontario. Hope Ontario appreciates our efforts!)

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