Thursday, November 03, 2011

Busy Daze

I am feeling slightly more calm now.

Yes there were coconut lime cupcakes on my birthday and a lovely bottle of Pino Grigio.

And life seems to be sorting itself out as needed...

It would appear my co-supervisor who took leave for "a while" to Toronto is likely not returning, so my other supervisor and I have decided to change from a paper based thesis to a regular old thesis for my own sanity. Why? Well, the co-supervisor who is far away is the one with most of the expertise I'd need to work with a lot to write the papers *with* and if she isn't here, writing my thesis as papers would be time consuming really stressful and make things more complicated than they need to be. It would drag out things and stress me out and make things worse in this newly developed situation. I must make the best of things, regardless of what she's decided to goes on...and so *much* of it goes on!

In other news, I have discovered that my soon to be old job will not be reposted...the old "me" will be absorbed into the college and put to use somewhere else. When I think about it, altho I feel bad that my old dept. is being screwed over somewhat, I have been underutilized lately, and with most of the researchers moving to the new research groups in the new labs (one of which I'll be managing - bwaha!) my old job would likely have been reworked into something else - and something I might not have liked if I were to have stayed. Sobering thought... I think I did them a favour by actively seeking out and developing myself within the college, and taking my experience to where it's needed and better used, instead of sitting back and waiting for them to possibly change (or delete) my job into something I wouldn't like. I think I won the lottery here.

As it is I'm really looking forward to my new job. I've been updating all the lab inventories, tidying up, and trying to finish up anything critical promised to people so that on Nov. 15 I can shake the dust from my shoes and wander on down the hall to start fresh. I was setting it up for a replacement, but even so, it will be left off well with no real regrets. The bonus of my new job is I still get to have lunch and coffee with many of the old group I currently take breaks with. I always got along with them -that will be a comfortable familiarity in the new job.

Amongst all this newness, I feel focused again with my project. With some solid hard work (and a little sleep)I can focus on the immediate future: new job and finishing my detailed thesis proposal in the hope of getting permission to write. I must group my summarized data to show that I am done my research. I think I am. I still have a few questions as to how I may present some of it, as it is new research and a lot of the standard analysis methods can't be used... but it's coming. The proposal is due in 3 weeks to the committee along with a little song and dance.

Everyone I work with, and my Jay, all have a horrid cold so I am trying to be a germophobe and resist the sickness and get as much work done as I can. Starting off a new job while doing all this is not the time to get sick.
We shall see. Fingers crossed. Getting my flu shot tomorrow. Maybe a hazmat suit...

As for now I should just gather up my stuff and get some sleep. The 3 hours I got last night is not enough...I hear my pillow calling.


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Jennifer Ferguson said...

So, have you already finish writing your thesis? Well, it is certainly bad to have someone that going to help you out with your paper go away, especially if he/she was an important factor for your thesis help. Good thing that there was another supervisor for you to run to. I hope everything went well with your paper.

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