Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Neat, I didn't know Chewie could play the tuba

Star Wars last night was awesome! Forgetting my keys and being locked out of the house after? Not so much.
Thankfully we have company staying with us and they could come by let us in with their key...which is usually our hidden extra key. Yes. Good times.

There was a full orchestra. Video on a giant clear screen. Displays in the lobby including Chewbacca's costume, C3P0's costume, Imperial guard costumes, Kit Fisto's costume, Darth Vader's costume (my fave), Yoda (!!!!!) and lots of other props and costumes from the films... There was over 2 hours of music. They even started with the 20th century fox fanfare. It was lovely. And now I have a fridge magnet of Chewbacca playing the tuba. Excellent, no?

And yet...I am reaching critical mental exhaustion mass. Too much going on. Not enough sleep.
I do hope I can sleep and relax soon...
If I ever get a few minutes at home when I'm not asleep I will post some photos. They're still on my camera. I know I know. I'll get it together soon...maybe :)

I haven't been able to stop listening to the new Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach. it grew on me, as all odd albums do, but a few favourite tracks have been rolling around in my mind and still are there despite my best efforts at chasing them out with something else: Some Kind of Nature, Melancholy Hill (current fave), Glitter Freeze and Stylo...have a listen. iadmit I have a thing for the Gorillaz, and I think it was great that the lead singer of the Blur started this up. It made Blur's last album one I really enjoy from the influence of it all (not normally a Blur fan) and I've loved all 3 of their albums. Lots of guest artists and general weirdness. Their song Dare is still one of my all time favourites. Have a listen. If you can wade in through the slight weirdness you may find you like it too...

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Pacian said...

"Chewbacca! Use the tuba, Chewbacca..."

"Chewie, you switched off your targeting computer, what's wrong?"

"Parp, parp, paaaaarrrp."


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