Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We have 9 days to get our spacepod up to spec for plating. We want to go camping in 7. This poses an issue, no?

The first place we took it said at the last minute that we couldn't get it inspected there because the wheel was on the wrong side (???). The next place we found that could look at it the next day was just grumpy. Even tho it was imported, inspected and fixed up extensively and passed inspection in BC (where they are insanely picky) we happened to get Mr. Jerkwad inspector who kept finding weird things wrong with it...apparently having a cool unique vehicle from Japan is not always joy and giggles.


So we have mere days to get different daytime running lights (even though they are new LED ones we just had installed that other vehicles have ???), a rear light with a reflector in it (because for some reason he felt the one there wasn't bright enough if he stood far away at an angle ???) and a couple other little dumb things.

I just want to drive our moonbuggy into the woods and relax. I have planned destressing breaks throughout the summer to survive the MSc madness and I will explode in a ball of overdistilled subatomic polonium if I can't make them.

*pout pout*

Ah, I'm moping because I'm so tired. There is much to do and I am running out of muchness...

I would like another holiday please...?

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the Bag Lady said...

Oh, dear.
I hope you can get everything all shiny and fixed up soon.
Some gov't types sure like to throw their weight around.

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