Somehow, after lamenting this would be a dull week, I have, without trying much, managed to fill it to the brim, morning and evening with shtuff...
Shtuff like baby showers, painting walls, bellydancing, more bellydancing and Galactica. Oh and work. Too much work.
The baby shower last night went off perfectly: sis-in-law was very happy. The cake was awesome and delicious and I am still, the next day, full.
Yes I judge quality of fun by fullness of being. What of it? :)

Busy busy busy. Wait, what am I doing here?
Gotta go...bye.


Rimshot said…
Sounds like you're a girl on the move these days. I envy your energy (and your full belly)

Now if you'll excuse me, the dreadmill is calling.


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