Let the Right One In

I've always been fascinated that vampires can only come in where they are invited...

Just got back from the Broadway - this time seeing Låt den rätte komma in(Let the Right One In)...a swedish film based on the novel Let the Right One in.

A subtle interesting story about a boy who has a vampire move into his apartment...
Interesting stuff.

Go see it.


Pacian said…
Everyone seems to be raving about this one - I just wish they'd go into more detail about why. :-P
Anonymous said…
It was just a refreshing change from the cheesily overproduced horror/vampire movies that are more mainstream. An understated - dare I say "normal" story.
This was about average people, creepy and interesting situations...no silly scares or unnecessary explanations. Things happening like it would *actually* happen. (With a bit of creepy gore to top it off).
Having just been dragged to see The Unborn with a friend the week before...this film was everything that the Unborn wasn't.
Pacian said…
There are some great reviews of The Unborn out there though. One just read, "This review is going to be as short as I wish The Unborn had been."

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