Hibernation Distraction, courtesy of Old Saint Nick

When I was young I used to think that cash or gift cards were lame. That the person didn't even try, or care when buying a gift...just got a card to fill an obligation.
Luv 'em.
A lot of my family is far away, and it just makes sense, if nothing leaps out as the perfect thing, to get a gift card. I like to give them too, as I know how much I like to get them.
We got a few in return this Christmas, and I gotta say, it was nice.
We both had a few things we've wanted for a while, but just haven't been able to get up until now...and thanks to gift cards and holiday sales we now have the following between the 2 of us:
-the Watchmen graphic novel (hardcover)
-10th Anniversary version of The Big Labowski (in a bowling ball...:) )
-Season 4.0 of Battlestar Galactica (came out yesterday...wohoo. And is it jsut me or is Apollo totally checking out Starbuck's hoo haas??)
-Christmas on Mars by the Flaming Lips
-The Godfather movies (Coppola Restoration)
-Venture Brothers Season 2

Let the hibernation begin :)


Anonymous said…
I have a friend in New Zealand... have been trying to find if there's a cool way of sending her a gift that doesn't involve queues and postage costing six times more than the item itself. Unfortunately there is no Amazon NZ.

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