Quirks and Quarks

I'm stuck at work on a frozen saturday.
I braved the (still)-47 windchill to comein and do some ELISAs for someone. It will finish payng for our art.

I don't mind so much, as I get to listen to weekend programming on CBC radio1 today, which doesn't happen as much as I'd like to. I get Definitely Not the Opera, Quirks and Quarks (science show I've listened to since I was a kid), and The Debaters. I grew up listening to CBC radio on the weekends in my house, and I don't listen to it as much now...it's more music now at home. It is interesting, usually not cliched or dumbed down, and often makes me laugh out loud.
I enjoy it as it reminds me that radio doesn't have to be commercial crap and bad music. Sure the local community channel CFCR is good, and an exception to the rule, but I'm not into some of the music on some of the shows, and on the weekends it's largely multicultural programming...so other than Sounds of Scotland I can't understand htem.
Lately I've been craving brain stimulation. This is a bit of it.

Oh cool...at the beginning of the long dash after the long silence the radio will dictate NRC's official time clock reaching exactly 12 oclock.
Wait for it.
OK. It's 12.....now.
I know. The excitement may kill me around here...
Time for some science.

Hope you have a more interesting day than I :)

Hopefully I can finish this off at a decent time and head home and have a nap...with any luck this is my last saturday for a while...it's been a long looooong week, and I'm tired, and looking forward to seeing J a bit. I also want to see Galactica. I taped it when J was at work, so I haven't seen it yet...only 9 episodes left of that show. I don't follow much TV anymore, but wow...*that* show has me hooked.


Anonymous said…
I keep missing Galactica -- it's frustrating.

The letter 'B' turned up for you. :-)
the Bag Lady said…
At the beginning of the long dash following 10 seconds of silence in Alberta, it will be 11:00

I listen to CBC radio occasionally, too.

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