Snow snow snow snow SNOW!

It's snowing like crazy here...hasn't really stopped for a day or so - I wandered through knee high drifts to the bus this morning.
It was kind of fun actually. I had my ski pants on so I could just tromp about all I liked and enjoy the's very pretty.
I'm itching to make a it needs to warm up a bit to make it all sticky and fun.
Not enough for our wheels to freeze solid again like last year...just enough to make it snowball fight time.
I have officially moved forward from the "oh crap it's winter again" to the "wohoo! look at all the snow!" phase of winter.


I can has snobal fite!

It's too dry for a decent snowman and too frickin cccccccold! I am so sick of it but I am sneaking off to mayheeko in March so I do have an incentive to get through the next few months...otherwise I would just quietly hop on my ice flow with all of the other old timers.
and I gave little Frobi 10 fishicles for breaky!
It's THE most important meal of the day don'tcha know.
Missicat said…
That's so funny - I almost posted that very pic on my blog, thought it was hysterical. Poor kitty has no thumbs to make snowballs!
Pacian said…
Make a snow cat. I dare ya.

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