Me meh.......mechoooo

OK, so it turns out that even with nyquil there are only so many hours in a day you can sleep. I'm up for a while and don't want to watch TV, and J is at work and I'm bored so I thought I'd pop in a meme for a while...

Current clothes:
red fuzzy pajamas, gir slippers, duvet, cat.

Current mood: Moogy. I feel better than I did this morning, but I'm a terrible sicky...I feel like I should be doing things but not having the energy to do them.

Current music: The brand new Franz Ferdinand CD. It's a good 'un. It is on it's second time through. I'm just too lazy to go change the CD.

Current annoyance: Winter and the hibernation ennui it brings. Generally this time of year I'm either sick or bored or moody or annoyed with my job. At the moment, all apply...good times :(

Current thing: Practicing for my bellydance recital. The date has been moved from mid Feb to the end of March, but we still have a full rehearsal on Feb 13...and I need to practice more. I have all the moves now, it's just the little things like arms movements and flair that pull it all together to make it really good...those are the things I'm still working on. That and trying to reorganise the house, now that the leapfrog room is done...move the computer up there, J's music kit down where it was and reorganise all the stuff from all over so I have a functional craft room and we can actually find everything we've tucked away for safe keeping from all our renos over the past 6 months...

Current desktop picture: Gir looking up at me. It's been on the lappy ever since I got it...

Current book: I just finished the Watchmen. Good stuff.
Yes comics are books. I believe the term is "Graphic Novels" dontcha know.

Current song in head: "Get Busy Child". It was on the CD I played last. I don't know this one well enough to have it in my head yet.

Current DVD in player: Disc 2 of Season 1 of the Venture Brothers.

Current refreshment: Cup of coffee with cream and sugar. Yum.

Current worry: How do I get all my projects back on track at work and care about the fact that they should be...

Current thought: I am hungry. Think it's time for supper...
*bumbles off*


Anonymous said…
I hope you feel better soon... don't pass any germs over here!

I feel a bit iggy too but that's just from sitting up too late.

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