Hooray for Bollywood

Our local artsy, old restored theatre, the Broadway, shows a lot of art films, documentaries and films that don't make it to our few other theatres in town, as well as live music and theatre.
They have just begun a new thing I am so very excited about - Bollywood Sunday. Once a month the local Indian Community Cultural Association and the theatre are going to be bringing in and showing new Bollywood films. They're even having chai and samosas at the snack counter, just for fun.
I love Bollywood films...I can't help it. I grew up watching and loving old musicals like Court Jester and the like, and Bollywood has all the cheesy music, usually paired with a cheesy love story and some great dance numbers and beautiful scenery and costumes. I work with a lot of grad students and coworkers from India, so I get to see the odd film...and seeing one on the big screen is going to be so much fun. They are films that just entertain you, make you smile and tap your feet...and leave you feeling happy. My brother and his wife love Bollywood too, so we're making it a monthly date (and J is very happy too as he isn't trapped into going along with me - he really does not like musicals or Bollywood films - everybody wins!)

This past sunday was their first one of the year -Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. If you've never seen a Bollywood film before - I'd recommend this one - it's subtitled, and the music and dance numbers are fantastic...really top notch. The story is pretty standard - romance and humour...but it is beautiful, and really has a lot of elements of Indian culture that don't carry over to Canada that often... It had an interesting thought about love - that in loving someone, you see your God in them - the divine part of them that loves you...interesting thought.

And with that...I am off on my friday off to do something useful...:)
Have a nice weekend!


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