Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive

Wow - It is now 25 degrees warmer than saturday...only -11 plus the wind (-20 with it). That is over 20 degrees in a day. I'm amazed things in this province don't fall apart from the whackadoo temperature changes and extremes. Apparently people have had the seals on their windows go this winter as it keeps going to insane cold and then warming up about 25 degrees within a few hours. Our windows all suck, so no concern there for us :)

It is downright habitable out there...and about time. It's good to be able to go outside again.

I'm going to look like a twit in my 2000 layers of winter kit going home, but that is OK. I think it should only be allowed to be below -25 for a maximum of a week at a time to prevent insanity...


the Bag Lady said...

It is much warmer here today. Windy again, though. Our temps are supposed to stay around the freezing mark for the next few days. I'm hoping we won't get any more crazy-cold weather this winter....

Did you figure out your serger? Look inside the bottom cover for a threading diagram.