According to Wikipedia:

Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them.
The first record of the word boredom is in the novel Bleak House by Charles Dickens, written in 1852, in which it appears six times, although the expression to be a bore had been used in the sense of "to be tiresome or dull" since 1768.
...There is an inherent anxiety in boredom; people will expend considerable effort to prevent or remedy it, yet in many circumstances, it is accepted as suffering to be endured.

I'm in doing some work on the side for someone...a 7 hour experiment that takes 2 hours to set up...with stints of intense technical detail and skill divided by hour long incubation periods with nothing to do. J had to work all day so I figured I would too...why? Well not only does it make me feel loved and adored by my research peers, but it pays $$.

...this will help pay for some art.

that's right...I now own a piece of actual art - a painting to be specific. My friend's wife has a gallery showing right now, and one of her pieces really stuck out and J and I liked it a great deal. It's very organic and abstract, without being shiny or drippy (if you know what I mean), with a lot of detail...we both liked it a great deal. It wasn't too pricey, and we just felt it was the right thing to do at the time, so we asked her if it was for sale...and it was at something we could afford, so we've committed to taking it home. Neat. I like knowing I have something beautiful made my someone who is beautiful. Lauren is a kind, caring person who does art therapy to help the elderly, handicapped and emotionally injured come to terms with lives and find joy and creativity in them again. And she a good artist. Many good thoughts went into the work she does...that can only benefit us in having it in our home.

It's weird getting art. That's what adults do. People who have matching furniture, drink wine and never forget to wear pants. I've never happened to have the money around when I've found a piece of art I've liked before so it's never come up. It's like a commitment...but repainting the living room made me realise that I'm not bound to it forever...the living room looks nice now...and when I don't like it we'll change it. The new walls could do with something other than the odd framed poster...and if we ever get tired of it, then I'll see if someone else wants it. It is a nice piece.
My parents hate abstract art, so I know they'll just squint and roll their eyes and try and figure out if I've gone psychedelic on them...they're realists. When something isn't obviously a thing, and is open to interpretation, they get uncomfortable. Personally I enjoy the emotion that a piece of art instills in me, and I enjoy examining a picture and discovering details and things hidden in it that only I can see. Once we have it home (the show ends at the end of the month) I'll take a shot of's all greens and reds with some golds, and will look brilliant on our green wall in the living room. I love having things to look at that make me happy. This makes me happy. I'm looking forward to sitting with coffee and staring at it for hours.

But not now...nope. I'm at work...Saturdays at work are very boring.
Buh Orah Ringa.
But, at least the whole pot of coffee I made in the lunch room is all for me.
Let the caffeination and data entry begin!!


Magnus said…
And I am enjoying your television, booze, food and appliances. Ha! Ok, just the tv and appliances. Clean clothes are a good thing. Thank you.
Geosomin said…
Have a beer...I think there's one in the fridge somewhere...:)
. . . and never forget to wear pants.

Heh heh.
the Bag Lady said…
Good for you for buying your first art work.
Art is supposed to make you happy when you look at it. If that piece makes you happy, then it's good art!
Anonymous said…
That sounds lovely. About abstracts, I remember Mum saying she prefers it when a picture is OF something.

To start with I was probably the same, but the more you look at different kinds of art, the more you like the abstracts.

Recently we went to a textiles exhibition; I tried to buy an arty box that looked as though it was covered in bark, moss and lichens, but I had misread the number and it turned out some other ****** had already bought it. Sigh.

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