Caffeination 101


Why not at all...
he heh.
I learned layering at bellydance class last night. Which is sort of like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time. Doing multiple moves is tricky. It was hard...but I could do a reasonably acceptable version of the combinations I learned by the end of class :) I can shimmy hip circles now, and do snake in the basket hips, chest and head. Of course I am super stiff today, but I'm really enjoying having a bit of muscle built up now - I can do more, and am aching less as time goes on. And (surprise surprise) the more I practice, the better I get.
Go figure.
I decided to do some painting tonight...I'm a little apprehensive, as that will involve moving my torso and arms, which at the moment are quite happy to stay here ,thank you very much. I figure I'll be a bit more mobile by the time I"m done work. Luckily labwork doesn't involve any grand gestures or jiggling torsos.
Ah well...this huge cup of coffee will help me wake up.
And there will be beer when I paint, so, um, we'll see if that helps or just adds to the flying circus :)
Have a good day all :)


Missicat said…
Ouch! I do remember finding those musclesyouneverknewyouhad very well! Hope the soreness and stiffness goes away soon - maybe a good excuse for a spa visit?
the Bag Lady said…
I second Missicat's suggestion - spa visit, definitely.

Maybe I should go to a spa, too. Except I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to pry me away!
Rimshot said…
Every time you can haz, God kills another lolcat.

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