Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good things come to those who work

I'm typing this entry in my empty living room on my new laptop.

Eeees nice.
Someone I know was getting a new laptop and sold me their souped up old G4 12 inch powerbook for a very nice now I have a nice little laptop for all my laptoppy needs. It is the laptop I need and want, set up for wireless and I don't do any hardcore things that I'd need anything more for. I've never gotten myself one as the cost was too much...but used I could go for. AND it fits in my monkey it was a perfect match.
I lurve it.

I've been a busy little thing here, what with J and I emptying the entire living/dining room yesterday. Then today I washed all the walls twice and filled the holes. There are a few rough areas where the old owners tried to work their particular brand of "magic" that I need to work on tonight and do some sanding and repatching, but tomorrow is "rent me some scaffolding day" and I can sand and prime the walls and maybe, if I feel rather ambitious start on the ceiling...which I am dreading. I enjoy painting, but the prep and anything to do with ceilings leave me cranky.
I've picked some nice colours - a mellow yellow for the hallway and one wall and a nice mossy green and a mushroom beige for the other walls. It'll be nice...I just have to get through all the boring prep work that needs to be done before the fun part of the colours gets here.
And best of all...the gawdawful light fixture above the table will be going - it's all brass and glass and I've hated it ever since we moved in. I actually did a big fabric canopy and redecor of the table area a few years back to hide it until we could get around to this. Also the light fixture in the stairs that has never really worked reliably ever will be replaced. It'll be fantastic!
Let there be light!
But it's really happening! No turning back now. Soon my living room will look spiffy...


Anonymous said...

Cranky? You sound very thorough! I often had trouble convincing Mum to give me enough time to wash something before she started slathering it with varnish or paint.

the Bag Lady said...

Oh, the Bag Lady agrees with you - the prep is the worst. But a proper preparation is essential to a professional-looking end result. Check out the Bag lady's post today to see what she's talking about. (she means the prep of the person before her....)

Rimshot said...

Congrats on the laptop. Its always so rewarding getting a bargain!

I'm sure you'll be sharing pictures of the renovation process, right?

Pacian said...

Yeah, but what videocard does it have? Can you run Half Life 2?

*not impressed*


Corey said...

Monkey Bag computer, what else can you ask for.